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                                          THE FIRM


The firm has a great speciality of different domains in which we make great success.

It is consisted of every characteristic needed to make new skies.



Together we are stonger, more successful. Always acheiving more and going further.

Making the future better for our client.

Trust is only one word. In our firm, it is the key to success.

One of our simple rules towards our clients' cases id the following : "Your problem, our problem".

Domaining ways

Domaining means to do things the right way, achieving what can be achieved. Achieving the possible goals does mean that victory is in our side.

Achieving does not mean the path is easy to be walked. But doing it the right way, the mountain can be reached and conquered.

"Limit is the sky. So there is no limit".



  • Employment Law  /

  • Family Law​ / Criminal Law  ​/  ​​

  • Child Care Law  ​/

  • Conveyancing Housing Law  / 

  • Criminal Law  /

  • Civil Law /

  • Financial Law /

  • Commercial Law /

  • Maritime Law /

  • Business and corporat Law /

  • Administrative Law /

  • Real Estate Law /

  • Immigration Law /

  • Litigation /

  • Consulting and more.

The firm

Welcome to our law firm. Our firm has a practice of many decades towards all practice are of law.

Our principle goal is to find solutions for all your problems and issues. You do not have to worry, you have to trust us.

Consisting of people with a great court and outside court experience gives us the possibility to suggest the solution asked.

Having a great partnership with many professionals in many different domains just gives us the rapidity and success every case really needs.

We, finally, work with a very simple rule. Work harder, do the best, find the perfect solution for your client.

Making the future better for our client.

Trust is always a good idea, concerning our scope of things and measures.

                                                 Investor's visa and golden visa

Through affiliate cooperations, we offer a large range of services. For all the process, we are nearby you and help you accomplish the goal. Investment to any kind of companies or elsehow can be succesfull. Even building your own company in Greece and a branch of your own company.

Golden visa is the type of residence permit offered to any foreigner who purchases a home of at least 250.000 euros in Greece. By this investment, residency to Greece and all Schengen area is granted. It does not have a time limit.


                                                    New company registration

You can proceed with your own new company or branch in Greece. Involving with Greek market means that more good chances can appear. You can establish your own or your company's capital or personal company. Capital company is preferred for reasons of probable wider investment, relationships with other companies and non personal financial responsibility. Personal company is mostly preferred for easier accounting support and personal administration of it.

After having the full package of documents needed, especially a legal and accountant authorization to our firm, as well as all the information about the company's articles of association and the administrator's status, the new company can be established within only a few days or weeks.

                                                             Criminal Cases

Criminal Cases are always important to us while you may need a leegal assistance and guidance. With a grand variety of different case our firm handles, we can assist you and help you in different and severe situations. While one of the partners is already a Professor in Criminal law and having expertised in this, you should rely on this experinced view of the criminal case.

                                        Commercial and Business Law & Practice

Commerciality and business are always difficult to handle sometimes. Conflicts with other companies, non fair practices, negotiations and other issues can cause a wide range of problems. We recommend how you should acte, whether to solve your own problems, whether to negotiate, suit a case to the Court and make your business safe.

                                                               Employment Law

Making business is not always easy. Employment law is usually complicated and it needs very specialized and specific hanndling. We have a big experience in employments suit cases and more issued and more a partner of our firm is specialized to this by upgraded legal studies.

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